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Planetside Patch Watch: 5th March

By TanksForTheXP    06/03/2014   

A quick look at the latest patch!

The 418 Weekly: Issue 11

By TanksForTheXP    01/03/2014   

Issue 11 is a quick one with some extra information on donations and future of the news.

Donations and what it means for you

By TanksForTheXP    25/02/2014   

You can now donate to everyone's favourite outfit!

The 418 Weekly: Issue 10

By TanksForTheXP    22/02/2014   

Another issue of the 418 Weekly, with some news on the liberator update.

The 418 Weekly: Issue 9

By TanksForTheXP    14/02/2014   

This week's Issue features Community Clash and information on the recent Infiltrator update.

418 Weekly: Issue 8

By TanksForTheXP    07/02/2014   

The re-re-return of the 418 Weekly!

Outfit 418 Official Camouflage

By TanksForTheXP    12/01/2014   

It's time for 418 to set the trend on Ceres, with its very own Betsie endorsed official camouflage! 

Happy Birthday 418

By TanksForTheXP    16/12/2013   

Outfit 418 turned one yesterday following one hell of a year! Here's to many more..!

The 418 Weekly: Issue 7

By TanksForTheXP    05/11/2013   

This weeks issue features reports on inter-outfit events, along side up and coming outfit events.

The 418 Weekly: Issue 6

By TanksForTheXP    28/10/2013   

The long awaited return of The 418 Weekly!

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