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Officer Meeting 20/03/2016

By Badger0    21/03/2016   

Notes from the Officer's Meeting, 20/03/2016

Pen & Paper Advertisement

By Badger0    07/03/2016   

Want to try some old fashioned role playing? Look no further!

Officer Meeting 07/02/2016

By Badger0    08/02/2016   

Notes from the Officer's Meeting 07/02/2016

Shadowrun: AAR 2

By leogolas23    05/02/2016   

After Action Report for the second Shadowrun.

Shadowrun: AAR 1

By leogolas23    27/01/2016   

In Character After Action report of the first run for the newly established Shadowrun team

Dark Heresy, AAR 4: Psyker Investigation

By Badger0    26/01/2016   

In-Character report of the Dark Heresy group's fourth mission.

Officer Meeting 24/01/2016

By Badger0    25/01/2016   

Notes from the Officer Meeting, 24/01/2016

Dark Heresy, AAR 3: Recruitment on Vospis

By SeriousSloth    23/01/2016   

In-character After Action report for the third mission undertaken by the Dark Heresy team.

Dark Heresy, AAR 2: Investigation of Nobility on Aspen II

By Sproglet    21/01/2016   

AAR related to the second mission performed by the DH group, though it is not a direct telling of the group's activities.

Stars Without Number - The Story

By NeoNCG    18/01/2016   

Story of the happenings in the original Stars Without Number game, as written by NeoNCG. This is not finished and is a discontinued project, but a nice read regardless.

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