Outfit Meeting Minutes - 18.06.2017

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Outfit Meeting Minutes

Orator: Badger0 (I like to feel special)

  • General welcome with an attendance count of approximately 31 individuals and Badger (numbers varied as some dropped in and out).
  • Talk about the state of main 418 games, including Planetside with various past and on-going events - 418 did well for Community Smash but less well in the Lane Smash. Ongoing Pen & Paper games promoted an upcoming Stellaris game. Honourary mentions include Empyrion - Galactic Survival and CS:GO, which both have a decent group following them.
  • The future of 418 in various games included talk about an upcoming patch for Planetside 2 which has many players worried but let's try to remain sceptically optimistic, at least. A possible reason for people to return to the game at best. Additionally a new pen & paper game has been announced, see the forums for more information. Lastly, a real life meet-up is planned for July in Antwerp - it's getting close to last chance for anyone flying, but people living in the area may be able to join for a drink or some shenanigans.
  • A personal request and suggestions: Get more people on TS/website/Slack! With Planetside 2 numbers continuously dwindling, we rely on fresh meat to come from other sources. Do you actually have a friend or play with someone who's not wholly retarded? Try to invite them along.
  • Lastly, due to lack of Scrub Input, Badger thanked the attendants.


Short summary, thanks for reading.

- Badger.