Officer Meeting 18/09/2016

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Officer Meeting Minutes

Attendance: HansStahlfaust, R4ND0MN355, Badger0

  • An official description of 418 has been posted on Reddit, courtesy of Hans himself (with input from various other members). Hopefully this will draw some positive attention to our fledgling little group.
  • Taking from the outfit meeting, we have a few points of interest, some of which have already been mentioned on the forums:
    • A new game should be chosen to replace the dead or dying ARK
    • Other games are going well - Pen & Paper and Planetside primarily, with the strategy section intending to kick off again after summer
    • We want to launch a resurrection campaign for the forums, which has been too neglected lately. Similarly, everyone should get on Slack! (Less of a requirement but definitely encouraged). Ideas are welcome.
    • The test version of the new 418 App has been released. Join Slack to give feedback and bug reports please!
    • The 418 Birthday is coming up in December again, and we need an event for it! Start planning early!

Short one this time.