Officer Meeting 28/08/2016

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Officer Meeting Minutes

Attendance: iRBlue, HanstStahlfaust, R4ND0MN355, Badger0

Outfit Meeting Next Week! Be there.

Current Game Activity

  • Planetside 2: FNO will continue to be the main event with mandatory attendance. All outfit members have to be signed up on the website or be kicked by the overzealous ZmileZ.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved: After some disasters and declining population in the game, this has been removed from the roster of main focus area. A replacement will be found.
  • Pen & Paper: This is continuing as it has been. More players would be welcome - new campaigns are coming (Star Wars related!). Keep updated on the forums!
  • Proposed potential replacements for ARK: ARMA, Star Citizen (post 3.0 patch).


  • New 418 App has been released. Find more about it on the forums and download it for event notifications and whatever else will be included.
  • Website update is still due. The hope is still to get it released by the aforementioned outfit meeting.
  • Slack and TeamSpeak mostly unchanged.