Officer Meeting 19/06/2016

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Officer Meeting Minutes

Attendance: iRBlue, R4ND0MN355, HansStahlfaust, Badger0

Planetside 2

  • We were approached by some disgruntled MACS members regarding a potential merge with 418 (again), but nothing major came of it. Similarly, FIST members have talked to some of ours regarding a merge idea as well, which had much the same result.
  • In regards to the above, anyone from other outfits who may or may not be interested in trying something new is always welcome to come try out 418, even without necessarily joining the outfit in game. Our TeamSpeak remains open, although some minor restrictions to channels does apply.

Website and Infrastructure

  • Blue has been working on some new system regarding hubs and the website. A bit has been teased on Slack, and he's been given a deadline of 03/07/2016 before he has something official posted on either the main 418 website, or the alha site. Stay tuned!
  • Regarding TeamSpeak, a suggestion was put forth that events get reminders, if possible, either with a poke or similar pop-up. Please discuss.

In Other News

  • The Pen & Paper games are still on-going, and anyone who has given even a stray thought to trying it out should consider talking to one of the GMs (Sproglet or Divenus) or even some of the regular players about it. There are games which require only a little time dedicated, to give a taste of what it's like.