Officer Meeting 15/05/2016

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Officer Meeting Minutes

Attendance: iRBlue, HansStahlfaust (STAHLFAUST!), R4ND0MN355, Badger0

Pre-Planned Mash-Up

Nothing is set in stone, but the big thing from Sunday's meeting was the concept and idea of changing various policies inside 418. Most will likely remain very much like it is for existing member, but the idea leads towards specific focus points rather than too broad a view. It's too early to say anything for sure where it will lead, but a warning to expect some changes over or at the end of the expected slump-period that is known as Summer.

Planetside 2

With the big addition of the Construction System added to Planetside, we're interested in trying this out. Anyone interested in playing around with it, either by participating or hosting an event focused on it, please contact one of the officers and we'll try to sort out some details.