Officer Meeting 17/04/2016

  • Author Badger0
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Officer Meeting Minutes

Attendancy: iRBlue, Badger0, R4ND0MN355, (LightBrigade, HansStahlfaust)

Outfit 418 (Re)structure

New rules are being worked out in regards to splinter groups within and without 418.

  • If you're playing a game with 418 and want to use our utilities (TeamSpeak, Slack, Forums), you are expected to play on the same servers. Whether it's Planetside, ARK, or something else entirely. If you're on another server, you're welcome to still use these utilities, but you should avoid subtracting from the core groups - avoid recruiting into splinter groups and, in regards to TeamSpeak and Slack, use seperate channels rather than the official ones.
    • An exception would be during planned events. It has been done in the past where, in Planetside, we invaded a different faction or server just for giggles.
  • Non-418 members who still play with us are welcome to use our utilities as it has been in the past. Whether it's someone from a different outfit in Planetside or a different tribe in ARK, they're still contributing to the community indirectly, rather than detracting or outright subtracting from it.

Planetside Changes

  • ZmileZ will be promoted to Officer - he has offered to handle kicking of inactive members but will otherwise remain as he otherwise was.