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Have you ever thought about trying an old school pen & paper RPG? Does the above image appeal to you at all?

If yes: Awesome! Try joining one of our weekly or monthly PnP sessions! You can see what is currently running here:

If no: Awesome! Don't worry, we're not actually sitting with a bunch of dice, sheets of paper, and countless books. We have it all online, and all you need to do to join is sign up on which we're using to facilitate all ongoing games, which you can see a list of here:

If you still feel overwhelmed or hesitant to try it out, but have the tiniest of inclination to try it out anyway, look at the game Divenus is hosting called Apocalypse World. You can see more details here:

I'm going to write up a recap of the first session in the nearby future, but it takes place just once a month and it's designed for new and old players alike. The system is very accessible but still also very interesting. And important to note is that there is no regular dedication needed; you just sign up for one game, it takes roughly 5 hours (including a 1 hour break for food), and if you find that it simply wasn't your thing, you're in no way expected to join next month. If you do like it, you may or may not be able to join again the next month, but there will definitely be future opportunities to join in again!

If you have any questions regarding anything Pen & Paper related, feel free to contact Divenus, Sproglet, or mysef either on TeamSpeak, Slack, or the website itself, and we'll do our best to answer whatever questions you might have. Note: Not everyone will be accessible on all the aforementioned formats.

Remember that even failure can lead to fun stories: