Shadowrun: AAR 2

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The run started like so many others, Dirk had met with Mr. Johnson and found the place to execute the plan, Shadow organised a new mage and warehouse, Blink the getaway vehicle, and he had killed an elf to get the humanis disguises. In the beginning everything had also gone as planed. The convoy transporting the vip had been successfully stopped thanks to Dirk hacking the grid guide, which caused a lot of chaos when the cars all went out of control, the van was in perfect position to get out quickly with their goal, bring him to the warehouse, where they would leave him for the security forces to pick back up, and everyone else had gotten into position without a problem. Then why was there suddenly an ork pointing a god damn drecking mini-gun at him!!!????


It started out according to plan. When Dirk hacked Grid guide, the following chaos was more than enough to force the convoy to stop. The first thing Jock saw when he exited the van were the 6 securi-tec security guards climb out of their ruined suvs and flip out yamaha raiders from their black suitcases. Before they could do anything jock ran forward and took cover behind a broken car and lobbed a smoke grenade between him and the security guards. Behind him he heard the whirring of Scotties Drone powering up. To his left he spied three guards, dressed differently than the rest of them climb out of their car. One of them was an Orc wearing heavy body armour, and two humans waring fairly light armour. The first one was dressed in baggy clothing and looked like he was a mage of sorts, the other was clearly marked as a decker by the rig strapped to his arm.

Before he had the chance to do anything about them their was a loud bang and the mage slumped against the side of the car, hit by a shot from a sniper rifle, most likely shadow’s, and stumbled into cover cursing quite loudly.


Dirk watched this all happen from the safety of the matrix. Hacking Gird Guide was easy enough, he just hoped they had enough time before a demiGOD or even a GOD came by to see who caused the chaos. He suddenly noticed, that one of the Securi-tec guards had jacked into the matrix and was headed in his direction.  Before he could get far Dirk launched an attack on his deck in an attempt to force the enemy decker out of the matrix. The attack hit directly but it was sadly not enough to cause the deck to crash. The Enemy decker responded, by creating an ice monster within the matrix.In an attemps to finally stop him Dirk launched another attack on his deck, hitting again, but still unbale to evict him out of the matrix.


Getting over the paralysis, which always overcame him at the beginning of a battle, Sharp ran forward to take cover behind the car next to Jock. Just as he  came to a stop behind the car he saw the ork securi-tec guard trudge into the smoke, hefting what to him looked very much like a minigun. Jock turned to him and said “ What weapons do you have on you?”. Sheeply Sharps held up his combat knife and pistol “ Well I guess thats gotta do” Jock said before running to the next car, whilst firing off shots at the ork through the smoke.

Unable to see through the smoke covering the bridge and making it impossible for him to see anything Sharps asked Jock “ So where do I shoot?”.

“ Right in front of you, straight ahead” Jocks voice came back over the coms. So he did.

Clumsily holding the gun away from himself he pulled the trigger, the shot rang loud in his ears and on the other side bridge Sharps heard a squawk as a pigeon which was flying by harmlessly  was stuck down by the stray bullet. Shooting again the gun went of this time launching the bullet god knows where, but definitely not into an enemy.


Scottie’s drone flew up next to Sharp, the scanners on the drone only managed to make out movements, so just like Sharps shots it’s too went wide, slamming into an overturned car and was of no harm to anyone.


On the other side of the bridge sitting in a window cleaner’s lift Shadow watched the minigun carrying ork exit the smoke and start spinning the barrel of the minigun. The other visible secuti-tec guards fired at both Sharps and Jock, both shots either missing or bouncing off armour, or was hidden in the smoke invisible to Shadow’s view through his scope. With the mage having taken cover behind his car, Shadow shot at the only visible target for him. Lining up his shot, the bullet sailed out of his sniper and stuck the enemy decker in the knee, causing him to collapse. In the matrix Dirk saw the deckers Icon flicker shortly before disappearing, followed shortly by the ice monster.


Seeing the spinning barrel of the minigun pointed at him, Jock ran behind an overturned car. Thinking he was safe for the moment he turned to locate the target VIP. Just as he found him cowering behind a wrecked car from the convoy he heard the minigun open fire. Before he could dive for cover or do anything he felt bullets impact on his armour and break through, shredding into his back. Although in great pain he managed to stay on his feet, as he headed towards the now fleeing VIP.


Flux wisped through astral space. She felt the freedom and power that it offered as well as the secrets hidden within. She came to the spot where the injured mage was healing himself. He sensed her presence and looked up startled. Before she could do anything he had prepared a spell which he then launched in her direction. The spell barely missed her. Before she could throw a spell of her own the mage’s eyes suddenly sprang open, blood dripped out of his mouth and nose. Heavenly coughing up blood the mage collapsed, his body spasming a few times and then was still. He had overcalculated the required mana for the spell and as a result it had drained his life instead. Leaving the dead body of the mage behind her flux turned to survey the rest of the combat. Through the disappearing smoke she saw a turret armed with dual AK-94s built by the securi-tec technician.  Behind that she saw Jock stumble forwards after being struck by the shots of the minigun. Flux cast a healing spell on Jock to help him out and felt a slight pain as her body took a bit of damage due to drain, but Jock seemed to be slowly getting stronger again as he marched towards the VIP who was now running away in panic from the heavily armoured ork stomping towards him.


It didn’t take long before Jock had caught up with the target, as behind him he heard shots go off as Shadow took down another guard before focusing fire on the minigun ork.  Looking back he saw two remaining bodyguards heading towards him and the turret of shoot down scotties drone, before being rammed by a driverless car, most likely being controlled by Dirk. Turning back to face his target Jock saw him pointing his hand at him and then a bang as a bullet fired off from his cuff shot towards him before impacting harmlessly into his body armour. In a fluent motion Jock picked him up and tossed him over his shoulder, before turning around to face the guards who were both pointing their guns at him and yelling that he release the hostage and surrender. Jock just smiled and charged at them, barreling through them before they could do anything.


Back in the matrix Dirk decided it was time to leave before someone big turned up. He reactivated Grid guid, immediately  triggering multiple alarms as the computer realised what had happened, and then disconnected after telling the others to get going and get out of there.


From his vantage point Shadow saw Jock running towards the van holding the hostage. He had managed to distract the minigunner by shooting him, who however, after not being able to locate him had turned his attention to Sharps, who was now running back and forth to cover whilst trying not to be shot. Scottie had climbed out of the van to retrieve his drone. In the meantime someone had also taken out the securi-tec technician who had attempted to remove an AK from her turret.

Shadow fired a burst of three shots into the side of the orc, dealing damage again but still left him standing. Before he could fire off another round the ork collapsed, struck by a stun bolt from flux. Shadow turned to look how Jock was doing and saw him running as fast as he can towards the van with two guards behind him. Shadow took out one of them, which caused the other to take cover behind a van. Just when he thought everything might be good after all, Shadow saw the reinforcements arrive. Two heavily armed and packed city masters rolled up at the end of the bridge as well as a vtol aircraft, which began to circle above the van.They came to a stop and two full squads of Securi-tec forces unloaded out of  back of them. Not wanting to hang around much longer Shadow decided to start his descent down the building past many surprised looking workers.


When Jock heard the city masters pull up behind him he knew he was in trouble unless he got into the van fast. He made it in, just before the gunner on the side of the vtol could open fire. Before the pilot could turn the aircraft scottie hit the gas and sped away.


They met up again at the warehouse. “We probably should knock him out before we leave him here.” jock said looking at the VIP, “ Would make it look more realistic”.

Sharp immediately swung the butt of his pistol into the head of the hostage, there was a loud thud and his head started bleeding, it wasn’t enough to knock him out though, so it only lead to the hostage screaming in pain, before he was knocked out by a stun bolt from flux. Due to the drain caused by the spell flux too immediately collapsed.  “Well that would have been ironic if she had died because of your incompetence” scottie said

“Well you guys weren’t doing anything, so I had to” Sharps answered.

“ Doesn't matter now”, Shadow said whilst struggling to lift flux’s body,” let’s just get him tied to a chair in the warehouse and get out of here.”

Before they left Jock stuck a humanis sticker on the forehead of the man, “So they know it was humanis” was Jock’s explanation when Shadow asked him what he was doing, “ We were supposed to make it look like it was done  by humanis remember.”

“ Well then we should have knocked him out, before he saw us elves and dwarfs shouldn’t we have, well it’s too late know, let's get going.”

As they left the warehouse they heard the sound of sirens getting closer. They left quickly to meet up  with mr. Johnson and receive their payment.