Shadowrun: AAR 1

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When Jock saw the Brains of their mage repaint the wall behind her he knew things might actually get interesting. Immediately he repaid the Security guard by doing what the mage should of done in the first place by throwing his throwing knife straight into him. Without a word the guard collapsed, the sirens still wailed on the background. “Well I guess we don’t need to bother performing any first aid on her” Scottie, the dwarven rigger, said looking at the dead body of the mage sprawled across the floor.

“Well it's her own fault for not properly taking care of him when she had the chance. Learn from her mistakes or you could be next.” Jock grunted back, “let’s just get on with it.”. A second later he heard Scottie take cover next to him behind the security desk and saw the rigger’s Nissan roto-drone drone fly past into the lab. After a couple seconds Scottie gave the all-clear and Jock felt Blink slam into the desk behind Scottie.

When Dirk recovered from the dumpshock after being kicked out of the matrix by that dreck of a Spider, he was surprised to see the rest of the team had still not fetched the orb but instead, most of them were hiding behind a now overfilled security desk like they were in the middle of a firefight.

“What are you guys sitting around for? Afraid of the labcoats hiding in the lab? Let's get the orb and go! Or do you want to wait till Knight Errant arrives?”  As if summoned Sharps appeared around the corner, having kept their backs covered, walked up and grabbed the orb.Ignoring the minor safety alarms Blink followed him in and said “We’ve got the orb lets get take some hostages and get out of here.” signaling towards Jock. After making sure Jock and Blink had secured the hostages dirk turned and headed for the stairs breaking out into a light run after hearing the others following. Hearing a loud thump Dirk turned and saw Blink sitting on his ass whilst still holding the hostage. “ Why did I know one of you idiots was going to land on their ass doing something stupid, get up and let’s move on” Dirk  muttered as the others ran past them and towards the stairs.

Shadow woke to the sounds of two Ares City Masters rumbling to a stop in front of the building across from the one he was atop. Peering over the edge through his scope he could see two squads of heavily armed Knight Erant rapid security force piling out of the back of them. Acting instinctively Shadow fired a shot at one of the leaders, to his dismay his shot bounced off harmlessly and only served to attract their attention. A moment later he was forced into cover by the fire of the two heavy machine guns which immediately turned on his position. with a curse on his lips shadow dialed up the first number on his list of team contacts.

Inside the building Sharp heared his comlink start ringing. Seeing the call was from Shadow he picked up and was immediately greeted by the sound of bullets tearing into concrete. “Are you still alive out there?” Sharp asked when he heard Shadow on  the  other end of the line “ Somehow I have managed to stay out of the way of the bullets yes” Shadow’s reply came back,” but ya I think there’re a group of people setting up a welcoming party for you outside. With surprises and presents.”

“A yayy presents, is it a big party?”

“Well about 2 squads of heavily armed knight errant boys and two city masters. I’ve managed to distract part of their attention but the other half is still heading towards your position”

“ Ah ok, and what are we supposed to do about it?”

“I don’t know that’s your problem, my job is to stay alive out here. talking about that I should most likely get out of here before they reach the roof.”

Sharps heard a click and then the line was dead. “Well I guess we should get going before the knight errant boys reach us.”, he said to the others with him, “ Know of any other exits we can take?”

“Well there’s a parking garage down stairs, since we don’t have a getaway vehicle we can then just take one from these to here” Dirk said motioning towards the hostages, “ Let’s get a move on and get out of here asap.”

When they reached the parking garage Jock searched his hostage for keys and the retrieval ticket  for his car, with it he also found a wallet with family photos in it. Just when he was about to have some fun and tear them up in front of his hostage he felt someone slap him on the back of his head. Turning he saw the small rigger dwarf staring up at him “ We don’t have time for such things.” He snarled at him, slightly annoyed but also wondering how the dwarf managed to hit him on the head, Jock went over to the car elevator and held the key card to the scanner. After a few seconds a two seater convertible came up on the elevator.

“ Well that’s the ride for two of us, let’s see wat this guy has.” Blink said whilst searching his hostage for key cards. After his car came up, a 4 seater compact,  they divided themselves into the two cars and drove off. Outside they were greeted by the view of two city masters blocking the road. Turning quickly to get away they sped off in the opposite direction only to be followed by a vtol aircraft blaring at them to pull over and surrender. Ignoring the order the convertible, driven by Jock and Blink , kept on driving whilst taking some shots from the two city masters. Noticing they won’t be able to shake the vtol Jock got ready to shot a grappling hook at the aircraft and climb up, when there was a loud bang and a shot fired by X obliterated the camera at the bottom of the vtol. Unable to see the pilot was forced to pull up, allowing the two cars to make their escape.

In the meantime Shadow had climbed off the roof and dropped down into the alley. Behind him he could hear Knight Errant soldiers closing in from behind. As he started running he managed to catch a glimpse of a large troll coming around the corner carrying an assault rifle and people asking for astral assistance. Just as he round the corner on to the street he heard a swoosh as a magical fire ball smashed into the wall next to him. Covering up his sniper Shadow disappeared into the crowed.