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Adventures of Miya Asp

By Miya_Asp    21/12/2019   

Captains log stardate ...

Antwerp Meet-Up Special Report

By Agilulf    03/08/2017   

Outfit 418 Meet-Up in Antwerp, Belgium Starring: Agilulf, DilaShu, GroinlessZombie, Leogolas, M4meify, Miles, Sproglet July 21st to 24th - also featuring waffles, chocolate and glitter!

Outfit Meeting Minutes - 18.06.2017

By Badger0    19/06/2017   

Notes from the Outfit meeting 18.06.2017 - by Badger

Officer Meeting 18/09/2016

By Badger0    19/09/2016   

Notes from the Officer's Meeting, 18/09/2016

Officer Meeting 28/08/2016

By Badger0    29/08/2016   

Notes from the Officer Meeting, 28/08/2016.

Officer Meeting 31/07/2016

By Badger0    31/07/2016   

Notes from the Officer Meeting, 31/07/2016

Gygaxia - A Log of Events

By Sproglet    01/07/2016   

In a land where danger is not welcome, how the hell does a Party of adventurers get ludicrously rich? For most adventurers, you don't. You die. For those few that survive, you join a Guild, and have them deal with the fallout of Dragons, Dieties and half thought-out plans gone wrong. This a summary posting of the events of the Gygaxia campaign, so that the deeds and misfortunes of the players can be enjoyed by everyone.

Officer Meeting 19/06/2016

By Badger0    22/06/2016   

Notes from the Officer Meeting 19/06/2016, a little delayed

Officer Meeting 15/05/2016

By Badger0    18/05/2016   

Officer Meeting Minutes from Sunday's meeting 15/05/2016

Officer Meeting 17/04/2016

By Badger0    17/04/2016   

Notes from the Officer Meeting, 17/04/2016

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