Jlowb0b this is my name !

Posted 18 Oct 2013, 11:20 p.m.
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Hiya Everybody !

I've got my name from some dirty action during my past ! I've already been recruit but I thought it could be nice to introduce myself a bit !

I'm actually 30 and I'm playing PS2 since a long time (Since the BETA), but I've stop because of the amount of cheat and stuff.. 
I've been playing again since 3 weeks I would say, I have a tought professionnal life so I can't really play every day, but I manage to play often !! Because my nation is great and I'm proud to fight for my idea of freedom against the bad TR !! 
Be free with the NC !!! 

Anyway !

I'm playing with my mate (we are like 5 or 6) and we like to do some special operation as take point to cut ennemies base ! Maybe they will try to join the 418 as well, that could be nice
For my english, I hope its not too too bad, I'm a French (Froggy) living in Ireland, so I try to manage with it ! Let me know if its that bad ;o …

I've a mic and a cam (hmm <3) so I can't listen order and speak, but I most likely follow the group in game.

I hope you will enjoy playing with me and having fun !

See you in game to eat some Vanu and Teran !