Want to join Outfit 418 in Planetside 2, or a new member? [READ FIRST]

Posted 14 Aug 2013, 11:49 p.m.
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Want to join up? Welcome to the website of Outfit 418!

If you would like to join Outfit 418 then please make a thread on the RECRUITMENT forum!

The name of your website/forum profile has to match your in-game name. That means if your in-game name is LagMuffin007, your website name has to be the same even if you'd rather forego the 007 part (or use another name altogether). On TeamSpeak it's acceptable to use a different name, but it still has to be something recognisable!

The membership requirements are to follow orders and join our platoon nights on Tuesdays and Fridays when you're in game.

When making your recruitment application, we would like to know at least the following information:

- What's your Battle rank?
- How long have you played Planetside 2 already?
- Are/were you in a diffrent outfit already?
- How good is your English (basic understanding. Will it be a problem for you to follow orders in English)?
- Do you have/use a microphone?
- Favoured class(es)?

Feel free to include any other information you wish, or which you think we might want to know.

If you simply write a requests like:

“Hello! My name is ********** and I would like to join”

… it will be ignored!

Anyone is welcome to join Outfit 418, but we like to know our members. Making a recruitment application will speed up your integration into the Outfit.


Some more info that you may find useful after you join the outfit:

-If you want to join the 418 Platoon then type an “ X ” into the outfit chat and we will try to get an invite to you as fast as possible. If you announce your presence over Outfit voice chat as well, that can speed things along, but if nothing happens after a little while, try typing in a new X. There's always a chance that there is no squad/platoon currently running, so consider starting one of your own.

-Coms Clear: This is a term Platoon leaders use if they need total silence in the voice comms. While active, please do not talk in Platoon, Outfit, or Squad Voice chat. Speaking is allowed after the Platoon leader gives the “comms go”. The terms may vary.

-“Redeploy to the Warpgate”: This is almost our motto. Whenever the Squad- or Platoon leader says this for your squad, it means you must redeploy to the warpgate, because we are doing a “strategic position readjustment” and we simply don't have time, or can't afford, to wait 10 minutes for 1 person. In worst case scenarios, you may also get kicked from the platoon if you don't redeploy or are too slow. A proper redeployment should be done in 30 seconds for the entire squad.

-Teamspeak: Outfit 418 runs a Teamspeak server constantly, and everyone is encouraged to join us. It's a requirement for anyone who wants to be promoted beyond the Recruit rank to get on. There are always people around, and remember that it's possible to use text chat as well, even if people are likely to be a bit slower about responding. Join the server via I wrote a (hopefully) short and simple guide for anyone new to Teamspeak.