Stat padding

Posted 13 Nov 2018, 2:57 p.m.
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Until yesterday, I never even heard about the term ‘stat padding. There was a massive fight at Waterson’s Redemption. We were blown back inside spawnpoint. Breaking out was pretty useless at that point so let's try to farm some. I went to my LA loadout with 4 frag nades. A guy was killed and as all people do, aim for the revive and people around. So spamming the gun and trowing nades. Picture below was the result:

After those 2 minutes I received a kick out of the game with reason stat padding. So if you have never heard about it and you get this message you think WTF! Shortly after a cool conversation with that enemy about it.
Posted 13 Nov 2018, 6:58 p.m.
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What you did doesn't sound like stat-padding… Objectively, yes, maybe it is. But you were literally doing the single-most effective thing in the situation, from a tactical point of view - getting rid of medics which should (in theory) open a window of opportunity for striking back. If DBG wants to avoid such behaviour, they should reduce the capture time or remove spawn options in stations where the situation is hopeless and likely to trigger such an event anyway.