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not even a link in there, wtf
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I'm tempted to just leave this one so people who missed the others can get an idea of how beautifully random these posts are.
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What the actual fuck?
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I want this one to get up-votes. This is amazing.
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This one is clearly Diablo themed so..

also maybe
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“…‘Immersion’ is one of those acceding that has been bedridden by developers and critics alike, but fits the babble here.” 

I laughed :D
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I vote if we use a captcha system, its for non members/veterans only D: That includes officers though, Badger spambot has been confirmed by many.
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well you can just put it on the registration system so they don't get accounts.. no accounts no posts easy
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You know the fact that a bot got this one makes me wanna leave this one too.