Friday Night Ops

Weekly 418 Friday Night Ops! Every member should be in platoon and join as we try to not zerg but still get a few new recruits to bolster our ranks. If member count is for it, get a proper Delta Squad up and running, and show those randoms how to do it properly.


Stars Without Number - Phoenix Rising

The Tartarus came screaming out of the sky. Wreathed in fire and shedding molten metal as it came down. Smashing down into the vast desert in a cloud of flash cooked glass and sand. Ashen smoke pouring into the sky.From this cataclysmic end a new beginning rose. Burning bright a new creature born from the ashes of the old. Pulling into the sky, crewed by both new and old faces now bonded by fire, the ship pointed towards the stars and spread her wings.A Phoenix Rising from the flames


Warhammer - A Societal Gathering of Friends

Come gather, friends and acquaintanes. Let me tell you a story, a story of a societal gathering of... Friends. Much like we have right here.


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