Dungeon Delvers 3: Showdown at Adventure-Con

(Sign-ups for this event are currently closed)

The third year running birthday/Halloween Bash by Divenus, this time diving in to 5th edition D&D with three groups over three days. Magic? Most likely. Mayhem? Most likely. Team killing? Most likely (I mean, uh, never!). Team A being the ultimate victor? Obviously. Good times abounds for all players as they get ground in the dust by the superior team (which may or may not be Team A).


Friday Night Ops

Weekly 418 Friday Night Ops! Every member should be in platoon and join as we try to not zerg but still get a few new recruits to bolster our ranks. If member count is for it, get a proper Delta Squad up and running, and show those randoms how to do it properly.


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