Ranks and Requirements


Community Ranks


(Can be given by Officers, Veterans)

Community Member, or just Member on the website, are the core members. These are the people who have joined us in at least one game - on the website, the rank is automatically given to anyone who's registered as a PS2 member. It's also given manually to those who have joined from other games and are visible on TS and the website.

Community Member is functionally the same as Initiate/Guest except it replaces Initiate or Visitor after a month's time if the player becomes an actual member of the community (primarily  by signing up on the website).
CMs have no additional privileges over an Initiate on TeamSpeak, they're merely shown as being a core member of our community.


(Can be given by Officers)

Veteran or Veteran Community Member (VCM) is given to those who have distinguished themselves by being actively part of the community for an extended period of time. This is not given automatically to anyone, although it may be given to some if an officer feels a specific player deserves it, others are welcome to request it if they felt they've been a member long enough.

VCMs have the ability to set the lower ranks for people on TeamSpeak. They are not required to do so, but if you wish to help with this, please make sure you set the right ranks/groups and in the right channels when applicable. Planetside 2 ranks should only be given in the Planetside 2 channel, and no member should have more than 1 Server Group assigned.


(Can be given by the Warlord only)

These are hand-picked from the Members and Veterans who have shown an interest and ability in helping advance the community in one way or another. You can naturally do those things without becoming an officer if desired - officers have weekly meetings where we discuss various issues, developments, and ideas where to take the community in the future. Joining those meetings is a requirement for officers, but it's not a requirement to join every single week. We understand that other things can be more important and real (offline) life always come first.

Current Officers:
  • R4ND0MN355
  • Badger0
  • HansStahlfaust

The Warlord

(Cannot be given)

This is a rank reserved for the founder, iRBlue. Although he generally has the final say in matters, his function is much the same as the Officers.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that these are community ranks. They have similarities to Planetside 2 rankings, but various players are able to hold different roles in different games without their community ranking necessarily reflecting such. A VCM can be a Planetside 2 Grunt while a CM can be a Sentinel. The exception are Officers who, if they're a member of the PS2 Outfit, will automatically be given an Officer ranking there as well (if desired). That said, one does not have to play Planetside 2 actively to be an Officer.

Remember that anyone can invite others to join us, and one does not have to be an active part of the community to use our TeamSpeak. They will be given the Visitor rank (explained below) and will be promoted to a CM/Member if they also sign up on the website.

On TeamSpeak, all members have access to the Complaint System. If another user is bothering you, feel free to contact an Officer directly about it or make a complaint. They are checked regularly.

There are other ranks visible on TeamSpeak as well, and more may be added or removed over time.

Server Groups:

Server Admin: Officers and The Warlord who help administrate the TeamSpeak server. All Officers have certain administrative and moderation abilities however. This is an exception of the rule of only one Server Group per user. (Current Admins: iRBlue, Badger0)
Ambassador: Given to players who represent different Outfits in Planetside 2 who visit our Teamspeak. Same function as Visitor.
Visitor: Visitors who use our TeamSpeak to play games, whether Planetside 2 or something else, without signing up on the website and thus not being active members of the community.
Veteran: Remember not to abuse it! This is also an exception to the rule of only one Server Group per user.
Member: General member tag given to people signed up on the website once they're also on TeamSpeak. Replaces Visitor and can be upgraded to Veteran after sufficient activity time.

Channel Groups:

Planetside 2 Ranks: These are given to reflect the IG rank of the players in the Planetside 2 Channels.
Game Master: A player who actively participates as a leader by hosting events in a certain game without necessarily being an officer.
Speshul: Joke ranks used in The Padded Room. Anyone using the Padded Room will eventually be given one of those - The Padded Room is for random chat similar to the lounge, but with less restrictions.

Planetside 2



The Grunt rank consists of our core membership, people that have proved they are team players and wish to play as we do now with Squads, Platoons and co-operation. The main focus of the Grunt is fun via teamwork. 

  • Create an account on the website using your ingame name, and post the requested information in the recruitment section of the forums.
  • Apply to join the Outfit in Planetside using the Outfit Browser or alternatively contact an Officer or Sentinel in game or on Teamspeak (ts.outfit418.com) for an invitation.
  • Remain active - log in at least once every month.



Currently undergoing reforms and are, as of yet, inactive.



Sentinels are leaders of, and members who aspire to be leaders of. Squads and Platoons. Sentinels are the face and voice of the Outfit in Planetside 2. Sentinels share knowledge and build strategies with new and old members alike. They communicate regularly with the leadership on matters that arise during gameplay. The Sentinel rank is our way to recognise, celebrate and reward members who lead.

  • Active in voice chat, both in game and on TeamSpeak.
  • Active on the Forums.
  • Participating in Community events when possible.
  • Leading or available to lead in game when needed.
  • Share knowledge to assist members.
  • Proven worthy of the Rank.



Officers are the group of members that make up the leadership of the Outfit.

  • Active on the website and TeamSpeak.
  • Picked by the other Officers and the Warlord.
  • Applications will be considered.
  • Must be willing to join Officer meetings on Sunday evenings.
Current Officers and Roles:
  • R4ND0MN355
  • HansStahlfaust
  • Player17



The founder of the Outfit and the one with the finger on the button.

  • Travel back in time to December 15th 2012 at 15:57 and join iRBlue as Founder of the Outfit.
The Warlord:
  • iRBlue