Disciplinary Procedure

The Outfit works, in general, with a Three-Strikes-and-Out system, where a warning is given by any of the current Councilors.

Councilors and The Warlord reserve the right to remove individuals from the Outfit in extreme cases without prior warnings.

Examples of things that may result in a warning:

  • Repeated failure to follow orders.
  • Repeated failure to join Outfit Platoons over an extended period of time.
  • Harassment of other players.
  • Repeated misuse or abuse of the Outfit Forums, Teamspeak, Website - Including the Shoutbox/Slack.
  • Repeated questioning of orders over public in-game comms.

Every member who has complaints made against them has the right to defend themselves.

Complaints Procedure

Members who have issues with another member or a Councilor, should contact a Officer, preferably Bager0 or iRBlue, and the case will be brought to the attention of relivant people. There is a Private Message function on the forums that should be used for this.

It is also possible to make a complaint on TeamSpeak by right clicking on a member and selecting 'Make a Complaint'. At present TeamSpeak admins have access to complaints made. Current admins are iRBlue and Badger0.

A member who makes a complaint may be contacted to elaborate more on the complaint made.