Code of Conduct

Core Membership Expectations

Core Requirements - The Important Bits

  • Members should follow orders quickly and efficiently without open questions.
  • Members should actively check the website, it is a tool for your benefit and should be used.
  • Members should be communicative with, at the very least, text chat.
  • Members must be competent in understanding and speaking English, as this is the common language of the Outfit.
  • Members should remain active. Inactivity for over a month will result in kicking, unless a reason is given.
  • Members should remain respectful towards each other, and issues should be brought up in a private forum, or through an Officer.


  • Members will at all times conduct themselves in a respectful and good natured manner. Banter is of course allowed, but malicious agendas are not.
  • Respect is at the core of the Outfit. Each member must respect each other
  • Platoon Leader’s, Squad leader’s, and Officer’s authority must be respected.
  • Likewise, Platoon Leaders, Squad Leaders, and Officers should respect the power of their station and the men under their command.
  • Members are expected to acknowledge communication between themselves by both Officers or other members. Ignorance does not help the outfit.


  • If you will be absent for an extended period (more than 2-4 weeks) please inform us - Leave of Absence.
  • If you return after being gone for a time, and find yourself suddenly no longer a part of the Outfit, get back on the forums and make a new recruitment post, or repost in your old one that you would like to be reinvited. This applies both if you did or did not make a Leave of Absence post - Rejoining is no problem under these circumstances.
  • If you do not wish to join platoon for a specific reason all we ask is acknowledgement of the reason. Nobody is required to join every platoon, but repeatedly failing to join will result in Outfit membership being reevaluated.
  • If you can no longer attend an event you signed up for let an Officer know. We want to avoid suddenly being a man short when the day comes.

Leadership - For Squad and Platoon Leads

  • Squad Leaders must have a microphone, spawn beacon, ideally request reinforcement markers, and of course be a member of the Outfit.
  • Regular Squad Leaders should cert the Command Channel and smoke beacons.
  • If no Outfit members are available or willing to take a new squad lead, and the current squad(s) are full, kick current randoms and don’t open a new squad.
  • Platoon Leaders should have tried leading squads a couple of times first, and be comfortable in the leadership position.
  • Platoon Leaders should try to use the Command Channel to organise with other Outfits, at least during Alerts. They can do this themselves or have one of their Squad Leaders doing it.
  • The Platoon Leader is usually the first real Outfit member that new members will see. Try to keep this in mind while leading.
  • Both Squad and Platoon Leaders need to be aware that not everybody is up to the standard 418 tries to play by. If anyone repeatedly fails to meet those standards, have the person removed from the platoon to make room for someone else, whether they’re an Outfit member or not. They can always rejoin if they are willing to follow the rest of the platoon. Outfit members that fail to follow orders should be brought to the attention of the Outfit Leadership.

Rules of Behaviour for Participation on the Forums

  • Images or text submitted by members that is found to be unsitable, discriminatory or demeaning will be removed at the discression of admins.

Respect of intellectual property

  • NO direct links of files hosted by other sites (.exe, .swf...), the links must point towards a Web page (HTML, php).
  • NO direct link of copyrighted material or images.
  • NO direct link of cracked games or illegal patches. You may post a link to a site or a forum which contains these games but please do not reproduce any part of these sites or information they contain.

Respect for other members

  • Before creating a new subject, please check that a similar subject has not already been created. There is a search function.
  • Don't post images and other media which could discriminate against: nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, religious creed, or mental/physical handicaps of individual persons or groups.
  • Always remember that Outfit 418 brings together people who seek fun, recreation and a challenging gaming experience. Be respectful in your posts and polite to each other.
  • In order to make searches easier for everyone, choose an explicit title for a new topic, that gives information about its contents. Avoid simple titles, like 'question', 'new game', 'check this', etc..
  • You are in a forum and not a chat room, so remember that you have time to write your posts and an ability to edit them after they have been posted. Write complete sentences and try to avoid the use of texting- or instant messaging language. This is important as this forum brings together a large group of people, many of whom speak languages other than your own.


Core Requirements