Post Count

Can you get over 9000? Achievements for total number of posts made by a user, including their shit posts!

  • Recruit
  • Familiar Recruit
  • Familiar Face
  • Active Participant
  • Regular Forumite
  • Probably knows you can colour text in posts
  • Forumholic
  • IT'S OVER 9000!

Medal Count

Medals are awarded for special things, such as being a distinguished member for a year or making an exceptional contribution.

  • Commendable
  • Respectable
  • Meritorious
  • Listen here, noob
  • Do we even have that many medals?

Event attended count

Number of events marked as attending. Are you an attendee, a regular forumite, or just hanging around for some other reason? Show off how often you've been playing with other 418'ers.

  • Event-Goer
  • Groupie
  • Socialite
  • Piece of Furniture
  • Events Master

Events not attended count

Are events simply organised at a bad time for you? Is your computer getting a bit up in years and might need some updating? For whatever reason, you're not really participating in our events, and that's too bad!

  • Probably busy
  • At least participates in other events? Maybe
  • Might need to fix their schedule
  • Really has other things to do
  • Doesn't play well with others

News articles count

Are you a budding journalist? A writer of some renown? Or at least believe so yourself! Well, prove it with this badge.

  • News Cherry Broken
  • Contributor
  • Pressman
  • Authorised 418 Journalist
  • Is probably an Officer

Shoutbox post count

Do you like shouting into a box? Show off your number of entries posted within the shoutbox (not Slack)

  • Tried shouting into a box
  • Shoutbox Neophyte
  • Becoming a Slacker
  • Discrete Slacker
  • Slacker
  • Master Slacker
  • Heretic of Steve

Quote count

How quotable are you? Do you usually say something useful or just funny? This is your number of times quoted.

  • Said something!
  • Getting noticed
  • Wise guy
  • Philosopher rank reached!
  • Greg Packer Wanna-Be

Up vote count

When you like something so much you're willing to press a button to prove it. Show how much you like stuff with this badge!

  • Likes something!
  • Liker
  • Likes a lot of things!
  • Saviour of Gladiators
  • Adulator

Down vote count

Is a post getting your panties in a twist? It should! Show that post(er) who's boss with a click on the down vote button. Not only reserved to posts that are completely off the rail, you can dislike just about anything.

  • Disapproval
  • Not Cool
  • Remains unimpressed
  • Reprobate!
  • Hater

Number of Follows

Number of items (profiles, hubs etc) marked as following. For the inherit follower inside all of us.

  • Pleb
  • Likes People (and things)
  • Follower
  • Ardent About Others
  • Worshipper

Forum Topics Created

Number of forum topics created by a user. For those who just aren't satisfied with the conversations that currently exist, or wants to avoid needless thread necromancy! This is a good badge.

  • Has introduced themself
  • Topicist
  • Anti-Necromancer
  • Hardcore Topic Contributer
  • Officer-Level Topicist