About 418

Origins of Outfit 418

Incorporated on the European CERES server within the Daybreak Games (then Sony Online Entertainment) MMOFPS game Planetside 2 on December 15, 2012, it occurred due to our strange attachment to the Scarred Mesa Skydock on Indar.

Since that fateful day we have grown to such an extent that Planetside 2 is no longer the only game our members experience joy together.


  • Outfit 418 endeavours team work above everything else.
  • We are here to enjoy all of the games we play together.
  • We like Outfit members not to be inactive for more than one month.
  • Whenever online in Planetside we would like everyone to be in one platoon working together towards a single goal.


Our strange attachment to the Indar Skydock.

Outfit 418 origins go back to an epic battle for the Skydock and the surrounding areas. At times it has been our mortal enemy while also being our best friend and since the very start we have had a strange attachment to the Skydock.


iRBlue at some point back in time thought one of the camos looked like a cow skin and ever since then, the camo has now officialy been known as the Betsie camo, used on both the galaxy and sunderers. Various incarnations of Betsie deliver us to battles far and wide, while other, the Battle Betsies, watch over us and provide us with mobile deployment platforms deep in the heart of enemy terrority, while Betsie Busses push beyond the trenches to bring the fight to our enemies.

Where we are now!

Planetside 2

After the server merge between Ceres and Cobalt, we now find ourselves playing on Cobalt, a European server. You will often find our members online between 16:00 and 23:59 UTC Daily

Our other games


We have serveral members playing regurarly at a variety of skill levels and at different levels of competitiveness.


With missions created by some of our members. We dust off our gear every now and then to come together in groups to recapture sections of Altis and Stratis

Star Trek Online

Our Fleet gradually grows as we adventure throught the Dyson Sphere and on to the Delta Quadrant.

Payday 2

Rob a bank!


Save Humanity


A much loved classic RTS has been remastered in HD. Many of our members like to come together to organise their fleets and battle, either together or against each other.

and much more ...

Looking Forward

Star Citizen

With a organisation already in place and allies growing, we're well prepared for the arrival of what could become the greatest space game yet.