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Join Outfit 418 and save the World (ok Cobalt)! The NC defenses are better than ever but to ensure the safety of Auraxis, the Terran & Vanu must be eliminated! We are one of the most active and successful outfit on Cobalt. If you're looking for teamwork, fun and victory, you should join Outfit 418! Service guarantees membership and promotion. Would you like to know more? Log into our TeamSpeak and speak to one of our Councilors.

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Outfit 418

Outfit 418 has grown to be one of the more recognised New Conglomerate outfits on the Cobalt server of Planetside 2, and we strive to maintain and encourage a level of maturity and teamplay amongst all of the Outfits, between all of the factions.

Our main Planetside 2 focus is on our Tuesday and Friday Ops, strategic and disciplined platooning with an emphasis on teamplay and coordination over individual performance, without losing sight of the fun and enjoyable aspects of both Planetside and being part of a community with a diverse group of like-minded people.

On top of Planetside, 418 is currently branching out into other games, primarily CS:GO and ARK: Survival Evolved. We also have people playing many other games, including Star Trek Online, Homeworld Remastered, and World of Warships.

  • There's too much month left at the end of the money to go heavily drinking urgh.


    Sooo much meat!

  • Every GM needs a good set of tentacles for their players.


    I'll do it any way you want me to.

  • I don't wanna do it quick, I just wanna do it.


    Don't quote me, I'm being quoted by my quote.

  • It's the base's Vagina!


    Then she'll probably be wanting sprogs or something

  • Nanites reassemble at warpgate.


    I can't wait until I eat Badger...

  • During their air training a 418er flew through a rainbow. They passed with flying colors...Sorry.


    To be fair it wasn't exactly my fault. I was facing with my belly towards an enemy lib when Nairie crashed into me from behind.